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Wisdom Keeper Foundations Program

Learn the core skills necessary to harness your inner knowing for communicating with nature and developing embodied intuition 

Online, Self-Paced


Some call it intuition.
Others call it sixth sense

but one thing's for certain: 
Our relationships with Nature and the unseen depend on us knowing how to listen to our inner perceptions

Within all of us there exists the physical, energetic, and spiritual abilities to communicate with the unseen - whether it's with the consciousness of nature and animals, ancestors, deities, or other forms of spirit. 

For most of us living within modern industrial culture, these ways have been suppressed  - but there are ways to reclaim our abilities and come into a deeply meaningful and embodied spiritual practice. 

Ultimately, this comes down to a profound knowing of your own inner voice and unique abilities. In this program, you will learn foundational skills and teachings that initiate you as the wisdom keeper of your life.

in this 4-week immersive program, you will learn the core teachings and skills necessary to harness the potency of your inner knowing.

getting clear about specific intuitive 
abilities allows us to go much deeper in our spiritual practice, 
developing confidence in creating relationships with nature and the unseen.

This is what we'll cover:

Week 1:
Animist Cosmology

The universe is alive. 

All is awake and conscious.

To begin our foundational study, we will delve into animist theory and practice to ground our work in a solid cosmology which informs us about the world we inhabit, and guides our spiritual work. We learn about being in relationship with the wider web of life, and the existence of the unseen realms.

We explore how animism enriches our earth-based spiritual practice, and works as a foundational piece to embrace, trust, and immerse ourselves in this work.

Foggy Forest
Woman with Firecracker
Lady in Nature
Week 2:
Harnessing Your Intuitive Perceptual Ability

The knowing is inside.

You need nothing other than the ability to listen.

With an in-depth study of both spiritual and scientific wisdom, in this week's class we will explore the 3 centres of perception - the head, heart, and gut.

These centres are our organs of intuitive perception, and when we get really clear about how they work in our own bodies, we exponentially increase our ability to relate to the unseen and the consciousness of nature.


This week, we learn how to integrate the 3 centres so that they are working together in cohesion, paying particular attention to your unique perceptive ability. 

Week 3:
Exploring the Imaginal Realms

The physical and the imaginal are aspects of the same thing. 

We do not have to go anywhere to explore the unseen realms, but simply turn our attention to them.

Using trance journeying techniques (often known as shamanic journeying), embedded in safe practice, we will learn how to explore the imaginal landscape for creating relationship with nature and the unseen. The consciousness of nature and other beings exist here.

Steeped in both modern understandings and ancestral wisdom, we look at some of the different states of consciousness (alpha, beta, theta), and develop highly effective ways to access them so that we can enter the imaginal - including fractal gazing and nature connection, percussive rhythm, dreaming, darkness, and so on.

Green Heart.png
Rock Maze

Week 4:

Coming into relationship with nature and the unseen leads us into deeper layers of ourselves.

Relationship requires self-awareness and reciprocity.

To complete this program, we will spend week 4 exploring our own personal gifts and purpose in the world through the lens of service and reciprocal relating. As we integrate what we have learned, we step into a greater sense of authenticity. Expect to deepen your awareness of your true power and potency, and how to channel it in ways that tend to your community. 

Golden Leaves

Bonus Module 1:
Sensory Nature

In this bonus module, we look at the importance of basic sensory awareness (touch, sound, sight, smell) in creating relationships with nature. We also look at how our bodies innately respond to the fractal patterning of nature as a restorative function.

We discuss both ecological literacy and how to engage fully in sensory practices that enable us to feel into the true essence of natural beings, such as trees, plants and rocks.

Again, using modern understandings of how nature and our bodies interact, and time-honoured practices of honouring nature, we learn how to go even deeper into nature connection.

Bonus Module 2: Messages from nature

In this bonus module, we will look at how we can use all of the skills from the program to receive messages and guidance from the natural world. 


Engaging with nature for insight about our lives is an ancient practice that is an integral part of being human.

It involves the 3 centers of perception, knowledge of safety protocols, sensory awareness, and trance states.


When you know the core practices for relating to nature, reciprocity, and receiving wisdom, you will be able to deepen your earth-honouring path over many years to come.

C603A24F-3416-470B-AC8A-F36E27A7FEB4 2.JPG

How does this program work?

  • The 4 core online, self-paced video lessons, 6 audio guided intuitive practices, and 2 bonus modules are available as soon as you sign up.

  • For the first 2 months of your enrolment, you will have access to 4 x 1-on-1 calls with me (Robyn) to discuss your personal journey with the material.

  • I (Robyn) will be available for support and guidance if needed via email and FB group for the duration.

Key teachings and practices, with PDF notes and resources included:

Animism Teachings:

  • Present awareness practice

  • Sit-spot/Nemeton practice

  • ART (Attention Restoration Theory) practice

3 Centres of Perception Teachings:

  • Heart, gut, and head intuitive perception practices

  • Heart coherence

  • Gut discernment/safety practice

  • Weaving the 3 centers together

Trance Visioning Teachings:

  • Alpha, beta, and theta states with appropriate practice

  • Visioning practice

  • Safety techniques


  • Intuitive practice to integrate the learning

  • Authentic self/essence practice

Sensory Nature Connection:

  • Ecological literacy

  • Depth sensory awareness through touch, sight, etc.

  • Fractal Gazing

Mesages from Nature:

  • Step-by-Step process for receiving intuitive guidance from the natural world.


The teachings and practices offered in this immersive class are based upon my 25+ years of training and practice in the field of animism, nature connection, and intuitive/energetic healing, distilled into core learning experiences and personal support that make this material very accessible to you.

With this in mind, the full program could easily be valued at $1000. However, to keep it accessible, I am offering the program at $297.

meet your instructor, Robyn Philippa

Hi, I'm Robyn

With a passion for nature connection and spiritual expansion. I have been on a journey of exploring my animistic and ancestral traditions for 25+ years. 

These studies have taken me through the fields of Restorative Justice, Eco-therapy, Nature Connection, Social Work, and Celtic/Gaelic spiritual traditions.

My offerings to the world combine circle-keeping, relating to the consciousness of nature, and helping others raised in industrial culture create an earth-based spiritual practice that tends to the mythic language of the soul.

I practice by spending deep, reflective time in nature, dream-work, ritual, ancestral reverence, adhering to natural cycles/moon phases, and learning about the history of my people and the ecology of the various lands I have lived upon (across the UK and Canada).

I live everything I teach, and am also a mother to 3 sweet daughters who are always teaching me more about living in balance.

Animist Healing Arts Practitioner & Teacher

Creator of
Sacred Earth Grove

Client Love

Mheyah B

“Robyn is a powerful eloquent & knowledgable speaker. She led us through a magical & transformative experience with integrity & grace. I felt so safe during this guided process and it was a truly meaningful experience. Thank you Robyn” 

Marlene R

Robyn is an amazing woman! I thoroughly enjoyed her classes. Not only is she knowledgeable and experienced in the subject matter that she presents, but she also presents in such a way that keeps one engaged. Her passion for her field is seen and felt. I thorougly enjoyed her courses, looking forward to do more classes with her

Wendy M

Robyn creates a warm, welcoming space for personal discovery and healing. Her offerings have brought me new insights and opened new ways for me to learn and grow. Robyn is a generous, humble teacher with incredible integrity. I wholeheartedly recommend saying yes to any opportunity to work with her!

Vanessa F

Since the first night I met you, you gave me that clarity of my own path. You lead me to my metaphorical “home” so thank you!

Teresa W

Robyn is very knowledgeable and provides very detailed information, to assist me on my spiritual journey. Everytime I notice she has a workshop I just have to attend.  I appreciate all that Robyn does, very highly recommended

Kaitlin A

I am so grateful I found you as a teacher and healer

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