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Winter Nights of Ceremony

In the west, we have become deeply disconnected from our wisdom traditions. We have forgotten how to honour the sacred and make meaning out of our lives, how to be in relationship with nature and her cycles, how to honour the dead, and how to practice in the old ways.


In short, we have forgotten how to become wisdom keepers. 


At its very core, today's world is suffering from this loss of wisdom and the initiatory pathways it emerges from.

Over this 6-month program, step into a circle where we are relearning the old ways of ceremony, ritual, and wisdom teachings from ancient Britain & Ireland.

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join the Circle

We are all on a journey of becoming.

What are you seeking?

Learning ancestral, animistic ways of life rooted in safe ritual practice and nature connection are deeply transformative - both on the personal level, and the collective. 

But we can't do it in isolation. 

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4 Core features 
of the Membership:

This membership focuses on four features, including: 


1. Nature Healer Program

2. A monthly masterclass​ on an element of wisdom keeping (keep reading for details)

3. A monthly Wisdom Keepers Circle live call

4. Suggested homework practices and study 


Three Cornerstones of Wisdom Keeping:

Every part of this membership weaves together and develops proficiency in three core areas:

- Nature Connection
- Insular Celtic Animist + Ancestral Traditions
- Personal Transformation, Growth, and Learning

The interaction of each cornerstones creates rich areas of exploration critical to our time, including making meaning from our lived experiences, receiving guidance from the living world of nature and our ancestors, and cultural repair.

Through cultivating relationship with these three cornerstones, we step onto the path of wisdom keeping.

Become the wisdom keeper the world needs through carrying ancestral knowledge, being a bridge between the seen and unseen worlds, and becoming profoundly capable of metabolizing your raw life experiences into gold.

Nature Healer Program

The Nature Healer Program is a distillation of my own experiences and training in making meaning out of our lives through nature connection.

This program follows a foundational process for translating our lived experience into meaningful 
story with the guidance and insight of nature.

It has been shown that making meaning out of our lives is incredibly healing. There will always be more layers to explore, and this foundational process is like a map to navigate meaning-making in direct relationship with nature. 


Monthly Masterclasses weave the core principles into elements of wisdom keeping, including areas such as:

  • Nature connection and communication, and receiving transformative insight and guidance 

  • Intuitive development, heart-awareness, and imaginal ("shamanic") journeying​, as indicated by Celtic Insular tradition and lore

  • Insular Celtic cosmology including the Otherworld, the Sidhe, folklore, deities, connection to land and place, the Nemeton (+ much more)

  • Historical exploration of Insular Celtic cosmology and life ways, from archaeology, texts, oral knowledge, historical accounts, and living culture

  • Connecting with ancestors and creating ancestral reverence practices

  • Seasonal celebrations and the wheel of the year

  • Animist practice and theory

  • Socio-ecological justice principles of cultural healing

  • Guest speakers occasionally invited to speak about their expertise

  • Teachings accompanied by relevant experiential practice covering a range of animist + ritual topics 

  • Sound techniques for ritual safety and discernment

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A core community gathering space & monthly calls for connection & support

This private community works like a Facebook group, but without the need to be on a social media platform.

Gather with like-minded people on a similar journey to go deeper in your learning and expansion.

The Wisdom Keepers Circle is offered through monthly live calls that bring us together for witnessing and support as we navigate the waters of cultural healing.

Each monthly call expands upon the masterclass for that month, giving participants an opportunity to go deeper into their inquiries and practice. 

In the circle, we meet respectfully as equals in recognition of the complex and rich lived wisdom that we each carry from our unique experiences. 

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Core Values of the Membership:

  • Authentic teachings based in research and accuracy

  • Animistic, earth-honouring worldview, and eco-literacy

  • Socio-Ecological Justice

  • Empowerment and proficiency in intuitive, ritual, and earth-based, community-focused spiritual practice

Developing wild consciousness is central to wisdom keeping

All of the offerings in the membership are designed to bring you into greater awareness of what it means to do the work of cultural healing in our time. 

Expanding our sense of self and awareness to include ecological, ancestral, and societal/community consciousness is vital to wisdom keeping.


How does the
membership work and what's included?

  • Each month, a masterclass on a related subject is released.

  • The Wisdom Keepers Circle is offered via monthly zoom calls which bring us together to go deep into our personal practice, be witnessed and held in the community, and to encourage and empower each other on our path. 

  • Nature Healer Program

  • Guided practices and intuitive exercises are offered to celebrate the seasons, connect with ancestors and guides, relate with nature, and for many other areas of exploration.

  • The community space (similar to an FB group, but on a private platform unconnected to any social media) is available for members to connect and share stories.

  • Seasonal celebrations are marked through community ceremony and PDF guides for inspiration.

meet Circle Facilitator,
Robyn Philippa

Animist Practitioner & Teacher

Creator of Sacred Earth Grove

Hi, I'm Robyn

With a passion for nature connection and spiritual philosophy. I have been on a journey of exploring my animistic and ancestral traditions for 25+ years. 

These studies have taken me through the fields of Restorative Justice, Eco-therapy, Nature Connection, Social Work, Herbalism, Forest Schooling, and Insular Celtic spiritual traditions.

My offerings to the world combine circle-keeping, relating to the consciousness of nature, and helping others raised in industrial culture create an earth-based spiritual practice that tends to the mythic language of the soul.

I practice by spending deep, reflective time in nature, dream-work, ritual, ancestral reverence, adhering to natural cycles/moon phases, and learning about the history of my people and the ecology of the various lands I have lived upon (across the UK and Canada).

I live everything I teach, and am also a mother to 3 sweet daughters who are always teaching me more about living in balance!

Client Love

Mheyah B

“Robyn is a powerful eloquent & knowledgable speaker. She led us through a magical & transformative experience with integrity & grace. I felt so safe during this guided process and it was a truly meaningful experience. Thank you Robyn” 

Marlene R

Robyn is an amazing woman! I thoroughly enjoyed her classes. Not only is she knowledgeable and experienced in the subject matter that she presents, but she also presents in such a way that keeps one engaged. Her passion for her field is seen and felt. I thorougly enjoyed her courses, looking forward to do more classes with her

Wendy M

Robyn creates a warm, welcoming space for personal discovery and healing. Her offerings have brought me new insights and opened new ways for me to learn and grow. Robyn is a generous, humble teacher with incredible integrity. I wholeheartedly recommend saying yes to any opportunity to work with her!


Vanessa F

Since the first night I met you, you gave me that clarity of my own path. You lead me to my metaphorical “home” so thank you!

Teresa W

Robyn is very knowledgeable and provides very detailed information, to assist me on my spiritual journey. Everytime I notice she has a workshop I just have to attend.  I appreciate all that Robyn does, very highly recommended

Kaitlin A

I am so grateful I found you as a teacher and healer

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