Awaken to Wisdom Keeping

In the west, we have become deeply disconnected from our wisdom traditions. We have forgotten how to honour the sacred and make meaning out of our lives, how to be in relationship with nature and her cycles, how to honour the dead, and how to practice in the old ways.


In short, we have forgotten how to become wisdom keepers. 


At its very core, today's world is suffering from this loss of wisdom and the initiatory pathways it emerges from.

The Wisdom Keepers Collective seeks to meet this challenge and offer a way forward.

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We are all on a journey of becoming.

What are you seeking?

Learning ancestral, animistic ways of life rooted in safe ritual practice and nature connection are deeply transformative - both on the personal level, and the collective. 

But we can't do it in isolation. 

We become wisdom keepers by collectively remembering who we are


Three Cornerstones of Wisdom Keeping

All material, teachings, and practices weave together and develops proficiency in three core areas:

- Nature Connection
- Insular Celtic Animist + Ancestral Traditions
- Personal Transformation and Learning

The interaction of each cornerstones creates rich areas of exploration critical to our time, including making meaning from our lived experiences, receiving guidance from the living world of nature and our ancestors, and cultural repair.

Through cultivating relationship with these three cornerstones, we step onto the path of wisdom keeping.

We seek to become bearers of ancestral knowledge, bridges between the seen and unseen worlds, and adept at metabolizing raw life experiences into gold.

All Material Includes
some of the 

  • Relating to nature

  • Intuitive development, heart-awareness, and imaginal visioning​, as indicated by ancestral tradition and lore


  • Exploration of Insular Celtic cosmology and life ways, from archaeology, texts, oral knowledge, historical accounts, and living culture

  • Creating ancestral reverence practices

  • Seasonal celebrations 

  • Animist practice and theory

  • Cultural healing

  • Guest speakers occasionally invited to speak about their expertise

  • Relevant experiential practice covering a range of animist + ritual topics 

  • Sound techniques for ritual safety and discernment

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A core community
gathering space 

This private community works like a Facebook group, but without the need to be on a social media platform.

Gather with like-minded people on a similar journey to go deeper in your learning and expansion.

In the circle, we meet respectfully in recognition of the complex and rich lived wisdom that we each carry from our unique experiences. 

Developing wild consciousness is central to wisdom keeping

All of the offerings in the membership are designed to bring you into greater awareness of what it means to do the work of cultural healing in our time. 

Expanding our sense of self and awareness to include ecological, ancestral, and societal/community consciousness is vital to wisdom keeping.

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Core Values:

  • Authentic teachings based in research and accuracy

  • Animistic, earth-honouring worldview, and eco-literacy

  • Socio-Ecological Justice

  • Empowerment and proficiency in intuitive, ritual, and earth-based, community-focused spiritual practice

How does the
Collective work?

Welcome to the free level of this Collective! 

I believe that cultural healing and ancestral connection is a community endeavour that needs to be open to all.

At this free membership level you will have access to various teachings, resources, and seasonal rituals.

There are also paid classes and events run through the Collective that you are welcome to join, but a certain amount of material + the community gathering space is available to all. ​​

meet your instructor, Robyn Philippa

Animist Arts
Practitioner & Teacher

Creator of
Sacred Earth Grove

The teachings and practices offered in this collective are based upon my 25+ years of training, study, and practice in the field of animism, nature connection, Insular Celtic history and cosmology, and intuitive/energetic healing, distilled into core learning experiences and personal support that make this material very accessible to you.

Hi, I'm Robyn

With a passion for nature connection and spiritual philosophy. I have been on a journey of exploring my animistic and ancestral traditions for 25+ years. 

These studies have taken me through the fields of Restorative Justice, Eco-therapy, Nature Connection, Social Work, Herbalism, Forest Schooling, and Insular Celtic spiritual traditions.

My offerings to the world combine circle-keeping, relating to the consciousness of nature, and helping others raised in industrial culture create an earth-based spiritual practice that tends to the mythic language of the soul.

I practice by spending deep, reflective time in nature, dream-work, ritual, ancestral reverence, adhering to natural cycles/moon phases, and learning about the history of my people and the ecology of the various lands I have lived upon (across the UK and Canada).

I live everything I teach, and am also a mother to 3 sweet daughters who are always teaching me more about living in balance!