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Develop your animist practice in the traditions of the British Isles through
sacred history lessons and intuitive
embodiment circles.

First Class: Aug 11th

In the industrial west, many of us have become deeply disconnected from our wisdom traditions. We have forgotten our ancient history, how to be in relationship with nature and her cycles, and how to honour our ancestors.

Join me in reclaiming knowledge of these ancient sacred sites and landscapes through studying a different site each month with related lore + stories from the British Isles.

Each month, a live class will offer an in-depth study of one site, with contextual information of the time period and to give us a deeper understanding of what can be known about the animist traditions of these ancient cultures. 

To expand our learning, we will focus on an old story each month for cosmological context.

A cornerstone of the membership is also engaging with embodied intuitive practices to cultivate a connection to place and cosmology.

This is more than just history...this is a container that supports you in becoming a Wisdom Keeper of your own traditions through:

Sacred History Lessons


ritual practice 

Animist Cosmology

Folklore &


Old Stories

Our First Class:
Tomb of the Eagles, 
3,000 B.C.E
August 11th, 2:30 - 5:PM PST

In 1958, a burial chamber was found on South Ronaldsay, Orkney. Inside were many artefacts and, astonishingly, many remains of both humans and sea eagles.

Come and learn more about this fascinating site and the implications for earth-honouring, animist practices.

Eagle Flying

Bonus Class:
A Brief History of
Prehistoric Britain
(Available Mid-August)

When you join the membership, you will also have access to a crash video course in the key prehistorical moments that shaped the ancient British Isles, from 11,000 B.C.E. to 43 A.D. (available mid-August).

It can be really overwhelming to get a handle on this timeline because it covers a large geographical area, a long period of time, and so many different cultural elements. 

Allow me to break this down into manageable pieces so you can develop a good understanding of key events, changing landscape, cultural cosmologies, and much more.


How does the
Membership work?

For $20/month, you receive:

Or, if you are just wanting to attend one class here and there, then you can purchase a drop-in pass for 14 days.

You can choose this option here.

We start in August!

...a monthly membership focusing on the prehistoric British Isles and developing an embodied animist practice

rooted in these wisdom traditions. 

The membership features:

  • A 2.5-hour circle each month looking in-depth at a different sacred site. This includes a sacred history lesson, plus intuitive, embodied practices to personally connect to the spirits of place. 

  • A recorded mythological/folklore story from the Isles that relates to our site.

  • Monthly new moon circle for aligning our learning with the cycles of nature and developing our wisdom keeping practice.

What else?

  • Recordings will be available in an online library for long-term access.

  • Occasional guest speakers and other gathering circles related to the wisdom traditions of the British Isles. 

  • Facebook group for community connection


If you join by August 11th, you will also receive access to these classes:



Intuition Class


Ancestral Healing Circle

Heart-based awareness is the seat of our intuition. It is by far the most effective way that I have found to communicate with nature, ancestors, and intelligences in the imaginal realms. 


We will be using this technique a lot as we develop our practice in the membership, and, excitingly, there is also a precedent set for this in our traditions which I will tell you all about!


In this tutorial, I will share with you everything I have learned about the heart as an organ of sensory intuitive perception, and how to use this heart intelligence in our animist practice. 


I use these techniques literally everyday, and my personal practice wouldn’t be anything like as potent if I didn’t. Join me in learning this profound modality - bonus points, you will also see how you can use this in your everyday life in ways that are not necessarily connected to your spiritual practice. Seriously. Its transformational. Don’t miss out!

Whenever I have sat in ancestral healing circles, whether I am being led or leading others, a profound transformation almost always takes place. 


I offer you this circle as a way to further integrate our work.


In this circle, we will meet with an ancestor and learn about our lineage. We will find blessings, challenges, and ways to develop an ancestor-tending practice. 


I can’t over-emphasize how important this was in our traditions - the evidence is clear. The people of the Isles across time were deeply committed to ancestor-reverence, to the point where remains of deceased relatives have been found buried under the floor of ancient people’s sleeping quarters. 


Reclaiming these ways is so powerful, not only for our own practice, but because it is a direct way to engage in ancestral traditions. You will not want to miss this. 

If you have been seeking a cohesive, supportive
container to develop your animist practice in the traditions of the British Isles, with a focus on history,
landscape, and culture, then this is for you.

meet your instructor, Robyn Philippa

Animist Arts
Practitioner & Teacher

Creator of
Sacred Earth Grove

The teachings and practices offered in this membership are based upon my 25+ years of training, study, and practice in the field of animism, nature connection, Insular Celtic history and cosmology, and intuitive/energetic healing, distilled into core learning experiences and personal support that make this material very accessible to you.

Hi, I'm Robyn

With a passion for nature connection and spiritual philosophy. I have been on a journey of exploring my animistic and ancestral traditions for 25+ years. 

These studies have taken me through the fields of Restorative Justice, Eco-therapy, Nature Connection, Social Work, Herbalism, Forest Schooling, and Insular Celtic spiritual traditions.

My offerings to the world combine circle-keeping, relating to the consciousness of nature, and helping others raised in industrial culture create an earth-based spiritual practice that tends to the mythic language of the soul.

I practice by spending deep, reflective time in nature, dream-work, ritual, ancestral reverence, adhering to natural cycles/moon phases, and learning about the history of my people and the ecology of the various lands I have lived upon (across the UK and Canada).

I live everything I teach, and am also a mother to 3 sweet daughters who are always teaching me more about living in balance!