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Develop your animist practice in the traditions of Britain & Ireland through
Folklore, sacred history lessons,
and intuitive embodiment circles.
December Bonus!

If you join the membership in December, you will also receive access to this foundational class, “Listen”.


One of the questions I get most often when it comes to spiritual practice is, “how do I know I’m not just making it all up in my head?”


“Listen” is my answer to this common question.


For many years, I also struggled with this - although I was compelled to engage with spirituality, I couldn’t help but wonder if I was just making it all up in my imagination.


After extensive study into animism and somatic intuition, I came to understand that we are innately equipped to use the sensory mechanisms of our intuition in communication with nature, ancestors, and intelligences in the Otherworld.


Getting clear about specific intuitive abilities based on a coherent philosophy allows you to go much deeper in your spiritual practice & develop confidence in creating relationships with nature and the unseen.


In this 2-hour immersive class, you will learn the core teachings and skills necessary to start harnessing the potency of your inner knowing. This is everything I wish I had known when I started out. The skills you learn in this class will also keep unfolding for years to come, enabling you to develop deeper and deeper relationships with nature, ancestors, and the unseen realms. 

But now...back to the membership!


In the industrial west formed from European cultures and diaspora, many of us have become deeply disconnected from our wisdom traditions. We have forgotten our ancient history, how to be in relationship with nature and her cycles, and how to honour our ancestors.

Join me in reclaiming knowledge of these ancient sacred sites and landscapes through studying a different site each month with related lore + stories from Britain & Ireland.

Each month, a live class will offer an in-depth study of one site, with contextual information of the time period to give us a deeper understanding into what can be known of the animist traditions of these ancient cultures. 

To expand our learning, we will focus on an old story each month for cosmological context.

A cornerstone of the membership is also engaging with embodied intuitive practices to cultivate a connection to place and cosmology.

This is more than just history...this is a container that supports you in becoming a Wisdom Keeper of your own traditions through:

Sacred History Lessons


ritual practice 

Animist Cosmology

Folklore &


Old Stories

Our Next Class:
Sacred Waters,
England + Scotland
Feb 10th, 12 pm EST

As we turn to the month of February, we honour another turn of the year and the time of Brighid.

This month, we explore several sacred waters of England and Scotland, including Loch Maree, Nectan's Glen, and Aquae Sulis, plus an overview of the significance of water, wells, lochs, marshland, and springs.

Water has long been recognized to have healing and magical properties in these traditions, and Brighid is also known for her powers of healing and connection to water and fire. 


Bonus Class:
A Brief History of
Prehistoric Britain & Ireland

When you join the membership, you will also have access to a crash video course in the key prehistorical moments that shaped ancient Britain & Ireland, from 11,000 B.C.E. to 43 A.D.

It can be really overwhelming to get a handle on this timeline because it covers a large geographical area, a long period of time, and so many different cultural elements. 

Allow me to break this down into manageable pieces so you can develop a good understanding of key events, changing landscape, cultural cosmologies, and much more.


Classes & Circles Schedule:

August 2022

Sacred History Lesson:

Tomb of the Eagles, Neolithic, Orkney

Intuitive Circle:

The Yew Tree

September 2022

Sacred History Lesson:

Seahenge, Early Bronze Age, Norfolk

Intuitive Circle:

The Circle

October 2022:

Sacred History Lesson:

Cladh Hallan, Bronze-Iron Ages, Hebrides

Intuitive Circle:


November 2022:

 Sacred History Lesson:

Lindow Man, Iron Age, Wilmslow, England

Intuitive Circle:


December 2022:

Sacred History Lesson:

Bryn Celli Ddu, Neolithic, Anglesey, Wales

Yule Gift:

"Listen: a somatic and animist intuition class"


Intuitive Circle:

Imbas Class, led by guest speaker, Laura Murphy

January 2023:

Sacred History Lesson:

Creswell Crags, England

Intuitive Circle:

Ice Age Cave Art


February 2023:

Sacred History Lesson:

Sacred Waters

Intuitive Circle:

Relating to Brighid with Laura Murphy

How does the
Membership work?

For $20/month, you receive:

You can also purchase​ a one-off class rather than join the membership. This option will be available as classes are created. 

...a monthly membership focusing on prehistoric Britain & Ireland and developing an embodied animist practice

rooted in these wisdom traditions. 

The membership features:

  • A 2 hour circle each month looking in-depth at a different sacred site. This includes a sacred history lesson, plus intuitive, embodied practices to personally connect to the spirits of place. 

  • A recorded mythological/folklore story from the Isles that relates to our site.

  • Monthly new moon circle for aligning our learning with the cycles of nature and developing our wisdom keeping practice.

What else?

  • Recordings will be available in an online library for long-term access.

  • Occasional guest speakers and other gathering circles related to the wisdom traditions of Britain & Ireland. 

  • Facebook group for community connection

If you have been seeking a cohesive, supportive
container to develop your animist practice in the British & Irish traditions, with a focus on history,
landscape, and culture, then this is for you.

meet your instructor, Robyn Philippa

Animist Arts
Practitioner & Teacher

Creator of
Sacred Earth Grove

The teachings and practices offered in this membership are based upon my 25+ years of training, study, and practice in the field of animism, nature connection, Insular Celtic history and cosmology, and intuitive/energetic healing, distilled into core learning experiences and personal support that make this material very accessible to you.

Hi, I'm Robyn

With a passion for nature connection and spiritual philosophy. I have been on a journey of exploring my animistic and ancestral traditions for 25+ years. 

These studies have taken me through the fields of Restorative Justice, Eco-therapy, Nature Connection, Social Work, Herbalism, Forest Schooling, and Insular Celtic life ways.

My offerings to the world combine circle-keeping, relating to the consciousness of nature, and helping others raised in industrial culture create an earth-based spiritual practice that tends to the mythic language of the soul.

I practice by spending deep, reflective time in nature, dream-work, ritual, ancestral reverence, adhering to natural cycles/moon phases, and learning about the history of my people and the ecology of the various lands I have lived upon (across the UK and Canada).

I live everything I teach, and am also a mother to 3 sweet daughters who are always teaching me more about living in balance!


Emily, Student

Just had the first class with Robyn in her membership. I loved every moment of it. Robyn is the history teacher dreams are made of. Weaving the truth, sacredness, history, and stories into it all. I can't wait for more!

Ocean View

Natalie, Student

I am very inspired by the content. Robyn is knowledgable and practiced and is a wealth of information. She is a kind and open teacher who is dedicated to her craft and spiritual development of her community.

Sunflower Close Up

Christy, Student

Robyn is a fountain of knowledge and she presents it in a way that is genuine and straight from the heart. With her guidance, I feel deeply supported and safe while sinking into the mysteries of the seen and unseen world.

What people are saying...


Rebecca, Student

Robyn creates a safe space to learn and grow in. Completing this course has given me a foundation of connection to a culture long lost in my personal lineage.  It is both liberating and grounding to walk forward in my life with the things I’ve learned.  I’m excited to continue on this path of reconnection and self discovery.


Enter the Otherworld Student

You said something about belonging…and I feel like that’s what I’ve really been looking for my whole life, is a deeper way to belong. This class has been the bridge into helping me find a way to belong to the land and the ancestors


Kaitlin, Student

I am so grateful I found you as a teacher and a healer


Vanessa, Student

Since the first night I met you, you gave me that clarity of my own path. You lead me to my metaphorical “home” so thank you!


Ali, Sacred Sites Member

“I’m so excited to join!  I’ve been searching for this healing piece as part of my personal reconciliation journey and am so grateful you’ve created it.”


Wendy, Student

Robyn creates a warm, welcoming space for personal discovery and healing. Her offerings have brought me new insights and opened new ways for me to learn and grow. Robyn is a generous, humble teacher with incredible integrity. I wholeheartedly recommend saying yes to any opportunity to work with her!

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