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The Earth is Grieving Us Too

One thing I consistently notice in my nature connection practice is how open the earth is to speaking with us. Now that I know how the communication works, it’s never difficult for me to tune in and hear her.

One of my most transformative and profound conversations happened 3 years ago in Scotland, when I was up north on my paternal ancestral homelands. The land was speaking so loudly, so clearly, so overwhelmingly, that I couldn’t-not hear.

As a descendant of this place, she was calling me to her, showing me what it looks like to come from somewhere.

It is the closest sense I have ever had of belonging somewhere and being claimed by deep, ecological ancestry.

What I want to tell you most about this is that the land is grieving the loss of connection between us and her too. It’s not just us who feel the sadness and the wrongness of industrialized life. She’ll tell you about it too, if you stop to ask.

In my upcoming program, “Enter the Otherworld”, we will be learning exactly how to build these relationships and feel what it means to be claimed by ecology, ancestry, and culture.

I hope to see you there: