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Somatic Nature Connection

Our bodies speak a different language than our minds, and to communicate with nature requires that we become fluent in the language of felt sensation.

Learning to listen to the language of the body is a foundational ability in nature communication and connection. In the west, this is something that can be very difficult for us to attune to, because we are very much used to only using and valuing our thinking processes in every decision and interaction.

Being able to sink into the felt sensations of our bodies is what opens us up to nature communication - the natural world doesn’t speak to us in logic or rationality, and a deeply connected kinship arises from the pre-verbal impressions we feel in our bodies.

This is what it means to engage in somatic nature connection.

You might have realized that what your body wants and needs at any given time can be very different from what your mind is telling you. It can be pretty disorienting to have such a split in your own being, yet we have all experienced it. Being able to tune in to the differences here is a good way to start understanding how your body provides you with information, which is what we really learn to cultivate in nature connection (although it’s good for all areas of our lives to be able to listen to our felt sensations and needs of our bodies).

This practice will be a key teaching (among many) in my upcoming program, Enter the Otherworld - a 6 month program to explore ancient British animism as the diaspora. It’s highly likely that our deep-time ancestors were much more aware of the felt sensations in our bodies that provide vital information about the world. Check out: to see if this program is something that resonates with your path this year.