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The idea of “sacrifice” in the context of ritual is so often misunderstood and maligned.

But really, valuable sacrifices and offerings demonstrate a profound appreciation of the interrelatedness of all things.

When we give away something of value, it says that we know the importance of these relationships. It shows gratitude, fear, love, respect.

Essentially, it illustrates that we know the relationships we have with land, spirits, and water are real and have tangible consequences for our lives.

Offerings are a big part of animist practice in this respect.

When we know without a doubt that the earth and all her elements and inhabitants are conscious, it becomes imperative to tend to these relationships, because we know it is the difference between a life well-lived rather than a life of illusory aloneness.

This is why the subject and practice of offerings make up a section of “Enter the Otherworld” - starting in May:

How do you tend to your ecological relationships?