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Sacred Responsibilities

For those of us looking to connect to our ancestral cosmology and spiritual ecology, a sacred responsibility we have is to recognize the complexity of what it means to be practising earth-based ritual and nature connection on traditional Indigenous territories. These lands were, in almost every case, violently colonized in recent history, with the consequences still playing out as our current reality.

Because this is outside of the bounds of what I can to speak to, other than naming it, an important part of my upcoming 6 month program (British Animism for the Diaspora) includes an incredible offering - Asha Frost, Ojibwe Medicine woman, mentor, space holder, and seer, will host an online gathering for participants. In this gathering, Asha will guide us through some of these inquiries and teach us how to walk with respect and reverence. It is such an honour for me to host Asha, not just because she is an incredibly skilled, gifted, and wise teacher, but because she is from the very same lands that I currently live on here in Ontario.

By joining this program - whether you take it in person or online - you will have access to this circle with Asha.

Part of the work of reconnecting to British animist thought as the diaspora directly involves coming to terms to where we are now, and it has been a crucial part of my journey to recognize this and integrate what it asks of us all at this juncture of history.

As non-indigenous people, our spiritual practice is not something we can lay upon the land as if the land is a blank slate. Our gods do not easily transfer here, and we walk upon thousands of years of history. This is one of the key reasons why our practice looks so different when we no longer reside on our ancestral homelands, which is what this course primarily speaks to.

To learn more, visit, and check out Asha’s work - AND her new book which is being released next week: