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Relating to Cosmology as the Diaspora

Spring is almost imperceptibly, yet relentlessly, pushing back the winter here in Ontario. The snow is melting and puddles are forming on the ice. Where I come from, we have ancient stories that speak to these changes and seasonal shifts, with mythic threads of gods and goddesses and their battles over the land.

Living in Canada has made it a lot harder to relate to these old stories. The old gods of my people do not reside here, and the land doesn’t claim them. Relating to the old stories takes a different turn when we don’t live on the lands they came from. This doesn’t mean we can’t have a relationship with our ancestral cosmologies, it just means it looks a lot different.

This is an incredibly complex line of inquiry that won’t fit into an IG caption, but it’s something I have been working with for years. In my community, I’ve noticed it’s something that many of us struggle with. It’s one of the primary focuses of my 6-month program, starting May - how do we navigate reclaiming our traditions when we are part of a diaspora? How is it necessarily different than doing so on our homelands?

If this is something you have also struggled with, check out: to see if this is something that would be useful for you.

Late winter and early spring blessings to you