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Direct Relationship

When we talk about relating to ancestral ways of earth-honouring, it can be easy to get

caught up in "getting it right" and having to learn reams of history and folklore.

At least, this has often been my experience.

But it's important to remember that the most potent way to connect to ancestral traditions is to cultivate direct relationship with the natural world and the supernatural.

These direct, personal relationships that we tend in our own lives is literally how we keep ancestral traditions alive.

In my upcoming program, "Enter the Otherworld", we blend together the study with the practice.

Coming into sacred, earth-honouring ritual practice in the ways of our ancestors is how we stay well. It's how we heal our lineages. And it's how we create stable and rich ground for the next generations.

If you are interested in integrating ancient wisdom into earth-honouring ritual practice through somatic intuition work, then you might want to join this program - link in bio - where we are focusing on the animist traditions of the British Isles.

We start in May.