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Connecting to Lost Traditions


n the absence of intact cultural cosmology that is passed down intergenerationally, as is largely the case for the ancient wisdom traditions of the British Isles, where do we turn to learn sacred rituals of earth connection and embodied kinship with the cosmos? One thing that I learned very viscerally during my recent trip to the Isles is that the land and waters are the wisdom keepers of our traditions. They are still present, still living, still open to us for relationship and conversation. In the absence of cohesive human cultural threads, we turn to the earth and waters. They speak. They are the link between ourselves, our ancestors, and our descendants. Their lives vastly outlast our own, and they have participated directly in millennia-long rituals of human-nature kinship. And when we enter into this conversation, which is what I believe is the ultimate meaning of our lives, what we learn is that being in conversation with the earth is a direct way to recreate ancestral traditions - because this is exactly what they were doing. The land, sea, and sky will tell you this themselves. They have been there from the beginning, and they are the missing link. In my upcoming program, we immerse ourselves into cultivating these relationships as sacred work - link in bio. Has the land helped you connect to what has been lost? #animism #ancestralhealing #ancestortending #animist#sacredancestry #earthmedicine #natureheals#naturehealsthesoul #naturespeaks #wisdomkeeper#wisdomkeeping #ancestors #ancestorreverance#earthhonouringritual #pagan #paganism