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Ancestral Embodiment

I truly believe that what your community asks you for is the most powerful thing you can deliver.

For me, the community that has formed around my work and/or to the periphery, tend to be people who are living in what we now call North America, who care deeply about the ancestral traumas that we are the recipients of, and who want to learn how to walk in the ceremonial ways of their people.

One of the biggest troubles that I have seen come up for this community over the years is this agonizing question of how to relate to ancestral traditions when we live so far away, when we are not part of the living cultures our ancestors come from, and when we are new to the land we live upon. Especially how we can do so in ways that are respectful, non-culturally appropriative, and that mitigate the kinds of harm that continue to be perpetuated by colonialism.

I cannot emphasize enough how intricate and complex all of these pieces are. For those of us at the crux of this, it can be paralyzing to know what the right thing to do is.

Well, I can’t tell you the right thing to do. But I am here to hold the space for these kinds of questions, and to share what I have learned in my own navigation of these exact inquiries over the past 15 years.

A potent place to start is by sinking into the eternal truth that we are loved and held by our ancestors. This is our true state: being held in love. For many of us, beginning an ancestral relationship is profoundly moving and transformational for this very reason. There is a whole support network out there, held within a vast web of relationship tending that has been occurring for hundreds of thousands of years.

This work is open to us all, if we feel called.

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