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1-on-1 Sessions

I offer personal sessions for ancestral healing, Ogham divination, and intuitive development.

Essentially, if you need personal guidance with anything that I teach, we can meet for 1.5 hour sessions to go deeper into your individual concerns and context with the material of ancestral animism. 

These sessions can be in-person, or online.

Session Focus Options

Ancestral Connection

Ogham Divination

Similar to a Tarot reading, we consult with the Ogham to find guidance and insight into your queries.

Intuitive Development

Guidance for developing your intuitive skills for connecting with the Otherworld, deities, ancestors, and nature.

Nature Connection

A central focus of animist practice is nature connection. If you wish to come into deeper relationship with nature, we can work on specific skillsets.

We work on ancestral connection, and building your ancestor-tending practice.


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