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Awaken to Animism

Foggy Forest
Mountain Stream

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Sacred Earth Grove

Animist School

Animist cosmology is as old as our species, encompassing a deep-seated knowing that all things are essentially alive and conscious.


The school offers a compendium of profound practices and wisdom that initiate us into depth spiritual work through nature connection, deep imaginal trance states, embodied energy work, and ritual processes.


Sacred Earth Grove school offers teachings, embodied practice, and training with a focus on ritual, nature communication, intuitive development, animist theory, nature medicine, and ancestral recovery.


Our students and collaborators are spiritual seekers, nature lovers, and energetic healers, who are relearning what it means to create authentic relationships with nature and the unseen realms. 


With a mix of self-paced and live teachings, the school shares practical skills, techniques, and frameworks that empower you to become confident in receiving spiritual insight and creating relationships with nature and the unseen.

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