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revitalizing sacred connections
with our ancestors and the earth


In the industrial west, many of us have become deeply disconnected from our wisdom traditions.

We have forgotten how to honour the sacred, relate to nature and her cycles,

tend to our ancestors, and speak with the land.

Join us in relearning how to walk in relationship with the earth through programs and ritual circles steeped in the animist traditions of Britain & Ireland and somatic nature connection.

Work with ancestral

healing and ancestor-tending practices

Develop your embodied intuition through somatic awareness

Learn the fundamentals of deep nature connection 

Engage with 


animist teachings in

the British & Irish tradition

Hi, I'm Robyn


As an an animist teacher and practitioner in the traditions of the British Isles & Ireland, I am dedicated to sharing ancestral wisdom to guide us in today's world. 

My in-person and online programs offer immersive teachings and intuitive experiences of animist cosmology, somatic nature connection, and the rich spiritual traditions of Britain & Ireland.

As someone who has lived on both sides of the Atlantic, I offer insights into how we can engage with these traditions when we are not living on these lands, and guide program participants into deep relationship with ancestry and place. 

Learn more about me here!


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Enter the Otherworld


Foundational 6-month program for learning about the animist traditions of Britainn & Ireland across deep time, from the perspective of the diaspora.

Sacred Sites & Stories Membership

Monthly classes on a different sacred site from the ritual landscape of prehistoric Britain and Ireland, with contextual material and mythology. We also focus on developing our personal animist practice.

Winter Nights Of Ceremony

In-person, 6-month program exploring British

& Irish wisdom traditions in ceremonial space.

Held in a round canvas tent, Meaford, Ontario.

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